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HighTech Garage Door Chicago, IL 773-790-4311The springs in your garage door are the most vital part of the door opener mechanism. They are what support most of the weight of the door when it’s being raised, so you don’t have to personally exert any energy to push the door up yourself. A broken spring can cause your garage door to get stuck or prevent it from functioning properly (by making the other springs support more weight than they are designed for). Springs, because they come under so much pressure with such regularity, have to be inspected often and replaced when necessary to keep a garage door functioning properly.

It takes a lot of technical know-how to tune a string up to take the weight of your door. The spring itself, first of all, has to be capable of supporting that weight. Also, it has to be fitted properly. A spring can come loose and cause damage to your property or even be a safety hazard. We always recommend you call experts for inspecting or replacing broken springs. It’s the safer and much more cost-effective solution in the long run. HighTech Garage Door has been replacing broken springs for several years for our customers in the Chicago, IL area. Don’t hesitate to call us to take advantage of our 24/7 service and have your broken spring replaced in quick time.

Generally, there are two kinds of springs used in garage doors: torsion springs and extension springs. We replace and repair both kinds. We always use the best materials for our job and the best tools, too:

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are more reliable than extension springs, in general, but they are also more expensive. The torsion spring system involves an arrangement where the spring is wound against a shaft, which in turn provides energy to cables attached to the garage door. When a door is lower, these springs store energy. When the door has to be raised, the springs transfer stored energy to the cables, which in turn lift up the door.

Residential garage doors usually only have a single torsion spring attached to them. A commercial garage door, on the other hand, usually has a mechanism where several springs work in tandem together to help raise the door. This is because commercial garage doors, in general, tend to be of sturdier make and need to be used much more often than residential garage doors.

Extension springs

Extension springs are low-tech springs that provide energy to the door when the pressure exerted on either end is let up. In this system, there are no cables used and they provide energy directly to the door. This system is less safe than torsion spring systems, because if an extension spring snaps, there is nothing supporting the door anymore and it may immediately fall or get off – track. Extension springs should be checked much more often than torsion springs to make sure they are holding up under the strain.

HighTech Garage Door will both service and replace your garage door opening mechanism, if necessary, no matter the spring used. We have an experienced team that knows their job and years of experience working for our customers in Chicago, IL.